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The goal of Cornerstone Rooftop Farms is to create a productive and ecologically healthy urban landscape. Our goal this year is to demonstrate urban rooftop farming on a small scale. We demonstrate the possibilities for producing food in existing built environments.

What It Takes

We are committed to looking for sustainable innovation in unlikely places. Rooftop farming is one such innovation that expands the availability of locally grown food and also realizes untapped value from real estate.

There are several powerful trends at work across our state and nation that are fueling this new movement. Our interest in all things green and sustainable has led us in a number of new directions, one of which has been to develop a way to plant vegetables on existing roofs. We are excited to share our passion for sustainable, local food and smart land use strategies in urban environments.

Two modular grow structures have been designed; a SIP system for tomatoes and an Earthbox system for all the other vegetables. In addition, insectory plants are strategically placed on the roof to provide habitat for beneficial insects.


Ecological Gardens is an innovative permaculture-based, landscape design company creating landscapes which integrate food, function, and beauty. Their designers are committed to restoring health and abundance to the land while reconnecting humans with their food and the rest of the natural world. They have partnered with The Cornerstone Group in developing highly productive models for urban food production.

Lucia’s Restaurant, Wine Bar, and Lucia’s To Go are inspired by high quality local foods, exceptional cooking, and genuine hospitality. For 25 years they have worked closely with local farmers, creating weekly menus and selecting delicious wines. This coming growing season, Lucia’s will be serving produce from Cornerstone Rooftop Farms.

“No one has peppers yet but you – YOU’VE CORNERED THE MARKET!!” -Lori Valenziano Chef and Buyer, Lucia’s Restaurant

Kensington Park:
7610 Lyndale Ave. So.
Richfield, MN 55423

Lucia’s Restaurant:
1432 W. 31st St.
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Ecological Gardens
4105 Washburn Ave.
N. Minneapolis, MN 55412.

CRF-Kensington (our FIRST farm!)

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