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Lyndale Gardens

The Lyndale Gardens project is a unique collaboration with the City of Richfield to revitalize the eastern shoreline of Richfield Lake. The vision for the 10 acre property purchased by The Cornerstone Group is a new “town center” which includes new residential housing options, retail developments and entertainment all combined with direct connections to nature.


The Cornerstone Group has always believed strongly in their core values and the Lyndale Gardens space was a perfect chance to display them and the importance they hold for paying attention to People, Place and our Planet. Our specific areas of focus for this project are:

  • Access to Nature
  • Sustainability and Healthy Building Materials
  • Health and Wellness
  • Diversity and Social Connections
  • Arts and Culture
  • Local Foods

In order to try and satisfy as many of the above goals as possible, the project was divided into phases. The first phase was to engage with Lakewinds Co-op in the creation of a new grocery store as a pillar of the project. Lakewinds opened their doors in 2014. The next phase involved cleaning up a portion of the lakeshore and building public amenities, which included: a new bridge to connect the property to the walking paths of Richfield Lake; a terrace pavilion with a wood-fired oven, an amphitheater for performance and music, and interactive instruments for kids and adults. The amphitheater has successfully hosted three seasons of music and performances since it was completed in 2017.


The third, and current phase is the housing component of the project. Construction was completed in 2020 on 30 condos on the shoreline of Richfield Lake. At the same time, Northbay developers completed The Henley apartments and townhomes on Lyndale Avenue.


The final phase will be the retail development just north of Lakewinds cooperative. The estimated timeline for the completion of this last phase will be 2022-2023.


November 1, 2017


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