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Cedarview Uncommons Arts Festival Kickoff Poster 160411Cedarview Commons is an affordable housing community in North St. Paul that is home to 186 families. The Cornerstone Group, who manages the 12 buildings at Cedarview, is seeking to create a new model for community engagement and community-driven leadership. We want to discover what this community needs for living healthy, connected lives, and what better way to begin this initiative then with art and artists? Through a series of free art engagements with professional, local artists we hope to engage residents in a creative dialogue about community identity and sustainable paths toward a thriving community in the future. The Cedarview Uncommons Arts Festival will run from April through mid June with a final, full day of art and performance on June 18 in the courtyard of the community. Stay tuned for photos and details of these arts events. Dates and times below.



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