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Looking ahead to the major development planned for the next few years in the Prospect Park Neighborhood, Cornerstone Community Arts Coordinator, Andrew Gaylord, is organizing The Prospect Park Storybook project as an opportunity for neighbors to gather, chronicle, and celebrate their neighborhood identity in an artistic way. In collaboration with Minneapolis book artist Amanda Degener and three Prospect Park community organizations the project will collect stories, poems, pictures, drawings, jokes, and a wide range of book arts into a multimedia handmade work of art. With a belief that some of the best conversations happen when people are using their creativity and their hands, Andrew hopes for this project to create a healthy dialogue about “who we are now” and “who we want to be” in Prospect Park. This storybook project is the first of its kind, and it is free to participate.

Both a book and a work of art

Phase 1: During 5 storycollecting workshops in November and December neighbors will trade stories about Prospect Park and how they came to live here. Those who attend the workshops will be given handmade paper for designing and creating a full page for the storybook. Delicious refreshments will be served.
Nov 16 6:30-8:30pm Pratt School 
66 Malcolm SE
Nov 18 6:30-8:30pm Luxton Rec Center 
112 Williams Ave SE
Nov 21 10:30am-12pm Special workshop for parents & kids
Pratt School 
66 Malcolm SE 
Nov 23 6:30-8:30pm Pratt School 
66 Malcolm SE
Dec 2 6:30-8:30pm Prospect Park Association 
2828 University Ave #200 

Amanda Degener displays the ins and outs of a paper beater, used to make paper from natural fiber, at Cave Paper in Minneapolis.

Phase 2: In January, there will be a series of four bookmaking workshops (Dates TBD). Led by Amanda Degener, Minneapolis book artist and owner of Cave Paper, Prospect Park neighbors will make paper for book covers from old clothes, hand press them, and bind together their storybooks with needle and thread. 

Those who attend three or more bookmaking workshops will take home their own copy for free. 
Phase 3: The Prospect Park Storybook process will conclude with an evening of celebration and dedication, listening to residents read their stories from the book. The totally handmade “proof” of the Storybook will tour the neighborhood and ultimately will reside at a central community location.
Prospect Park Storybook Poster