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PPBeehivesThe beez aren’t the only thing buzzing about our Prospect Park Community Garden: Cornerstone. We have had some great press recently about our work.

Find a great overview of the history and key players in the planning of Prospect North HERE at this City Pages article.

HERE is a great article from the Star Tribune about the remarkable vision The Cornerstone Group is helping to form for the future of this fascinating neighborhood.


HERE is a MinnPost article about improvisational transformations of urban spaces and how our garden is one example of seeing the possibility for activating transitional spaces.


If you want to take classes about all things honey related from the incredible educators at Beez Kneez, register HERE.

Last, but not least, join us for some upcoming events at our garden, come say hi and see what we are all about for yourselves!


Youth from Luxton Park gather to plan the birthday party that celebrates the birth of a new part of their neighborhood!

  • Birthday Party for the Green Line Lightrail & it’s Prospect Park Community!
  • August 6, 2014     6:30 PM-8:00 PM:

Brought to you by Luxton Learners’ Summer Youth & the Irrigate Project @ the Prospect Park Community Garden Cornerstone  adjacent to the Prospect Park Light Rail Station. Cake, Art-making, and Company!

September 20, 2014 12-6 pm An afternoon that highlights local Prospect Park businesses and artists!
Start your trip with a delicious designer cupcake and espresso. Join a community felting project, listen to Music on the Line, shop for architectural antiques, and hone your paddle skills at a pop-up ping pong park. Visit the new Pallet Pavilion at Prospect Park Community Gardens: Cornerstone, learn about the City’s plans for the future of Green 4th Street, take home a Prospect Park letterpress print, and before you leave, head up the hill to the 100-year-old iconic Witch’s Hat Tower.