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This spring, the sustainable, local foods authorities at Simple Good and Tasty paid our farm a visit. A few weeks ago, their Kristin Boldon returned to our farm to see how the season extension was coming along. This excerpt from the article talks about the trouble that we had with aphids.

“The heirloom peppers did very well, but their cousins the tomatoes weren’t so lucky. This spring, in addition to a lot of moisture, there were swarms of aphids. The heirloom varieties of the tomatoes proved particularly susceptible to their unwanted attention. Next year, the Cornerstone Team and their farming partners from Ecological Gardens will try non-heirloom varieties and other pest management solutions including insects like ladybugs. Cornerstone initially had an insectory as part of the rooftop farm, but they removed it when the city of Richfield asked them to scale back. Cornerstone is hoping to try again next year, armed with this year’s experience and an education on the risks (few) and benefits (many) of an insectory, including potentially saving the tomato crop.”

Read the full article here