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Where you live = How long you live

What if we could predict how long someone would live just by looking up their zip code? Dr. Anthony Iton, MD, JD, MPH has made a shocking correlation between the two. Controlling for other factors, Dr. Iton has proven that life span is directly correlated with the location of your home. Great disparities exist from […]

The New Places You’ll Go

Orton Family Foundation blog contributor, Anna Jones shares some nice thoughts about walkability and placemaking.

What Good is A Stroller?

Ian Sacs, a transportation engineer based in New York City shares his youthful perspective (something we get our fair share of) with Planetizen.

Geo Eco Slumdog?

Another take on The Geo Eco Lab, how some of the world’s leading architects and designers are rethinking the development model for the swag city of the future.

Jay Walking

We like to jaywalk, but we also like to follow the rules. Korean designer, Jae Min Lim shows us a way that we might be able to bring jaywalking to the masses

How Public Transportation is Healthful

Although it isn’t the most convenient, nor most comfortable, PSFK writes a piece of the health benefits of public transportation.

Lets Walk The Walk, Shouldn’t We?

Kaid Bedfield and David Roberts share their $.02 on issues with walkability and street connectivity.

The “New, New Urbanism”

Recently, our innovation squadron has been focusing energy toward the future health and vitality of our cities. We see this as an attempt to solve global problems at local levels. This work has allowed us to make a foray into urban agriculture, creating Minnesota’s first rooftop farming company, Cornerstone Rooftop Farms. Our first farm, located […]

Never Too Early For A Sukkah

Raising the bar once again. This time, Reboot and The Union Square Partnership travel through time, organizing an urban Sukkah design competition.

Turning Freeways Into Parks

Efforts to convert existing freeways for parks and public open spaces.