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The Cornerstone Group


The New Places You’ll Go

Orton Family Foundation blog contributor, Anna Jones shares some nice thoughts about walkability and placemaking.

Top Five Projects

A list of the EPA’s five winning projects around the country.

How Public Transportation is Healthful

Although it isn’t the most convenient, nor most comfortable, PSFK writes a piece of the health benefits of public transportation.

Lets Walk The Walk, Shouldn’t We?

Kaid Bedfield and David Roberts share their $.02 on issues with walkability and street connectivity.

Up Next

Richard Florida and our Dir. of Innovation and Sustainability discuss whats next.

The “New, New Urbanism”

Recently, our innovation squadron has been focusing energy toward the future health and vitality of our cities. We see this as an attempt to solve global problems at local levels. This work has allowed us to make a foray into urban agriculture, creating Minnesota’s first rooftop farming company, Cornerstone Rooftop Farms. Our first farm, located […]

Turning Freeways Into Parks

Efforts to convert existing freeways for parks and public open spaces.

Minneapolis Named #1 Most Bike Friendly City

Although Minneapolis is a frozen tundra often as early as November… Bicycling Magazine, calls “Minneapolis, the number 1 most bike friendly city.”

Affordability Index

New Urban News discusses the new Housing and Transportation Affordability Index and we this it is essential for use in all of our cities.

Jeffrey Barg on Trains and Tom Waits

We are all following the 2010 Transportation Bill and are mostly eager to get our kicks off of ‘Route 66’ and on the super high tech, super high speed rail of the (hopefully) near future. “But if the classic American narrative is all about trains, why are we so far behind in building high-speed rail? […]