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Dreaming of a (bigger) urban home

I love where I live. My house is ½ a block from our neighborhood elementary school, walking distance to the hardware store, drycleaner, restaurants, coffee shops and a handful of other retailers. We are 2 blocks from Minehaha Creek and a quick one mile bike ride to Lake Harriet. We love our neighbors and have regular neighborhood get-togethers. There are 26 kids on our block alone and they all play nicely together. So why is it that I am constantly on the look-out for a new house?

In Copenhagen, they’re still biking…

As a fair weather bicycle commuter, I put my bike away this year on November 8th but I feel a little bit wimpy about it when I see these Danes continuing to put the miles on their bikes through LOTS of snow and ice.   Read more

From Motown to Growtown, to Frogtown

Another example of urban pioneers making a difference in the transformation of a decapitating American city.

Top Five Projects

A list of the EPA’s five winning projects around the country.

“Rooftop to Tabletop: Urban Farming Spreads Roots”

NRDC’s Onearth magazine discusses rooftop farming and “The Year of Urban Agriculture.”


Nicola Twiley of Ediblegeography, hosts a thrilling conversation about of global food crisis and how some urban thought leadership, similar to what we have been researching at TCGMN, may have to offer, in terms of a solution.

Geo Eco Slumdog?

Another take on The Geo Eco Lab, how some of the world’s leading architects and designers are rethinking the development model for the swag city of the future.

Detroit Has The Answers

Palladium teams up with creatives from Virtue and Johnny Knoxville of MTV’s Jackass to do some real urban exploration in Detroit. They find some very intriguing stuff.

Linked Hybrid

Steven Holl Architects helps identify new parts to the future of the mixed-use equation

The “New, New Urbanism”

Recently, our innovation squadron has been focusing energy toward the future health and vitality of our cities. We see this as an attempt to solve global problems at local levels. This work has allowed us to make a foray into urban agriculture, creating Minnesota’s first rooftop farming company, Cornerstone Rooftop Farms. Our first farm, located […]