The Cornerstone Group

The Cornerstone Group


The “New, New Urbanism”

Recently, our innovation squadron has been focusing energy toward the future health and vitality of our cities. We see this as an attempt to solve global problems at local levels. This work has allowed us to make a foray into urban agriculture, creating Minnesota’s first rooftop farming company, Cornerstone Rooftop Farms. Our first farm, located […]

New Retail- On the Inside: one

Always thinking, and rethinking; lets start to take a look at retail. 1st stop, Barca.

Rooftop Farming and The Science Barge

As we move ahead in 2010, there are a number of things TCGMN is doing, including our work with Permaculture Research Institute and Ecological Gardens, a landscape design firm to help us build a live, productive rooftop for our Kensington Park retail project. The rooftop farm will incorporate the use of water troughs with Earthbox […]

Kensington Park

The “Gateway” to Lyndale Avenue in Richfield, Minn., Kensington Park is a dynamic blend of residential and retail that helped energize this first ring suburb.

The Mist

Located on the beautiful shores of Lake Minnetonka in Spring Lake Park, Minn., this luxury condominium and retail community offers panoramic views of both Spring Park and West Arm Bay.