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Richfield Lake Amphitheater

The Richfield Lake Amphitheater and shoreline are the new central public space for the Lyndale Gardens town center development. More than 5,000 sqft of shoreline was transformed into community green space to support resident engagement, art, and healthy living activities. An outdoor bread and pizza oven anchors a large patio overlooking the lake and provides space for neighborhood gatherings that celebrate community, culture, and food.


The biggest feature of the site is a neighborhood-scale grass and concrete open-air amphitheater that surrounds a  stage with seasonal canopy. The centerpiece of the new amphitheater is a 280-foot-long mosaic-mural created by Greta McLain and GoodSpace Murals with help from over 100 Richfield community members. A community-created poem lead by Artists E.G. Bailey and Shá Cage was also embedded into the mosaic. These public art projects were part of The Cornerstone Group’s collaboration with Forecast Public Art on the Richfield Artist Resident Engagement (RARE) project. The amphitheater and pavilion are available for public performances, art-making, fitness, as well as formal and informal community events.


In addition to these features the new shoreline includes four sets of permanent outdoor musical instruments, a trailhead connection from Lyndale Avenue and W 64th street and a new pedestrian bridge joining the site to the existing Richfield Lake trail and Wood Lake Nature Preserve.


June 21, 2017