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Lyndale Garden Center Shoreline Under Construction

The Cornerstone Group has reached a major milestone in our development of the Lyndale Garden Center site in Richfield, MN. A suite of new public amenities are under construction, and once complete, will connect Richfield’s neighborhoods, residents, and visitors through nature, food, art and culture. Over five years in the making this public space along […]

Community Mural Making with Artist Ta-coumba Aiken

On Monday and Tuesday night, local painter Ta-coumba Aiken worked with Cedarview Commons residents to begin creating a mural for the community to express their present joys and future hopes. The painting process began with what Aiken called a “lifeline” wherein each person chose their own color of pastel to extend one community line reaching […]

Cedarview UnCommons Arts Festival Kick-off

The Cedarview UnCommons Arts Festival got off to its official start on Thursday with a kick off celebration in the courtyard between the buildings. Residents enjoyed dinner from Big Daddy’s BBQ and engaged with local artists Ta-coumba Aiken, Nicole M. Smith and Threads Dance company, who will each hold art workshops over the next two […]

The Prospect Park Storybook

One of The Cornerstone Group’s continuing goals is to create new models for supporting healthy community dialogue and building community trust. We hope to incorporate the community at every step of our development process so that they will own the new buildings that result from our work. As developers we are not out to make […]

The Morehouse College Glee Club

On Sunday residents from Cedarview Commons visited Orchestra Hall for a performance by the Morehouse College Glee Club. This internationally recognized all-male chorus wowed a full concert hall with gospel, jazz and contemporary choral works. Morehouse performed for over an hour by themselves, then, in collaboration with the VocalEssence Chorus and hundreds of high school […]

The Cedarview UnCommons Arts Festival

Cedarview Commons is an affordable housing community in North St. Paul that is home to 186 families. The Cornerstone Group, who manages the 12 buildings at Cedarview, is seeking to create a new model for community engagement and community-driven leadership. We want to discover what this community needs for living healthy, connected lives, and what […]

Witt (Siasoco) and Fortuitousness: An Old Office Building Offers a Unique Opportunity to Explore the Role of Art in our Everyday Work

For more information regarding everything written here, read this article on Witt Siasoco’s work on the website Creative Exchange. The Cornerstone Group moved into its current office space at 6334 Lyndale Ave. on a sunny Richfield morning in 2013. The building is, so far as we can tell, at least 80 years old, one story, […]

The Prospect Park Storybook brings neighbors together to talk about past, present and future

Looking ahead to the major development planned for the next few years in the Prospect Park Neighborhood, Cornerstone Community Arts Coordinator, Andrew Gaylord, is organizing The Prospect Park Storybook project as an opportunity for neighbors to gather, chronicle, and celebrate their neighborhood identity in an artistic way. In collaboration with Minneapolis book artist Amanda Degener and three Prospect […]

A Harvest Moon Autumn Festival at Prospect North Community Garden

On October 3, 2015, The Cornerstone Group partnered with Prospect Park 2020 to create the Harvest Moon Autumn Festival. My role as Community Arts Coordinator for The Cornerstone Group was to assist the event coordinator from PP2020 in securing arts activities and entertainment to fit the community garden atmosphere and the spirit of the event. I sought […]