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Hard at work on the community mural.

Hard at work on the community mural.

Youth participants at East Side Neighborhood Services’ summer program at Luxton Park have just completed the Wishes Mural to be unveiled at a Community-Wide Birthday Party for a new Prospect Park and the Green Line Light Rail to take place at the Prospect Park Community Garden at Cornerstone.

With the assistance from a small grant made possible by Springboard for the Arts’ Irrigate Project, artists, youth workers, and youth have, over the past six weeks, focused on learning about community change and transformation, familiarized themselves with the path from the Glendale Townhomes to the Prospect Park Light Rail Station, commenced and completed painting a wishes mural and have begun to party plan with wild abandon!

Take a look at what Colleen Carey, President of The Cornerstone Group has to say about our collaboration:

“We are thrilled to partner with staff and young people from Luxton Park at our garden site. Their energy and love of the neighborhood is transforming the formerly vacant site into a vibrant place for creativity and play. We are building a relationship that helps to inform our design and programming for our project, Prospect North Gardens, a place where community grows and is nourished.”

Best flier ever!

Best flier ever!

In the spirit of creativity and community building, please join us for a birthday celebration at the Prospect Park Community Garden Cornerstone, adjacent to the Prospect Park Light Rail Station on August 6 from 6:30 PM-8:00 PM, featuring a scrumptious birthday cake, snacks from a local Prospect Park restaurant, mural unveiling, play and community art-making.

Can’t wait to see you!