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People brought food that held meaning for them.

People brought food that held meaning for them.

Cities are made up of individuals. When individuals gather together, culture is formed, maintained, celebrated, or changed. One of culture’s greatest expression of itself is food. So when we gather to think about culture, it is always good to feed one another as a way to know more about where we come from and literally what feeds us.

In our ongoing partnership with choreographer, dancer, and gather-er, Emily Johnson, we created and evening of feasting. The invitation was to a potluck meal where people were asked to bring dishes that were meaningful to them. We ate, we shared stories about food that honored special occasions, held pieces of our histories, and made us feel like we were part of this region of the world where cheese curds and spam are part of our unique culinary contributions to the broader world. After breaking bread together and learning about histories, we turned toward what we might share in the future as people who live in the rich field of possibilities that is Richfield. Emily asked us to write 100 ideas for the culture we might co-create. The list is below and I invite you to read it as if each one is possible. After all, so many good ideas start as dinner table conversations. Let’s continue to break bread and have mouthfuls of good food and “Yes! And…”

  1. Running Club
    We begin to fill up the board with 100 of our ideas.

    We begin to fill up the board with 100 of our ideas.

  2. soccer pick-up games
  3. Read to kids
  4. Be a ___ for a day
  5. skateboard park
  6. singing around the lake
  7. Richfield Event Calendar
  8. Origami Club
  9. Kitchen stories club
  10. Outdoor ice skating
  11. Buildings that produce energy
  12. Bees=legal in Richfield
  13. Thai Chi in the Park
  14. Comfortable place to read, write, do art, think meet, drink coffee
  15. more small businesses, no more chains!
  16. Read to elders
  17. Delicious Ice Cream
  18. Storytelling place
  19. Little Free Movie Library
  20. Foot rubs
  21. Rich People Babysit
  22. Cultural Hub
  23. Richfield Innovation Think Tank and Doers
    A full board that displays our dreams, ideas, and hopes for Richfield.

    A full board that displays our dreams, ideas, and hopes for Richfield.

  24. Soap Box, Free Speeches
  25. Canning and Preserving Kitchen to Share
  26. City Staff Support the Arts
  27. Potluck Every Month
  28. Restaurant that Welcomes Dogs
  29. Share stories
  30. Chickens
  31. Brew Pubs
  32. Poetry Readings
  33. Community Radio
  34. Star Gazing Telescopes
  35. Richfield Scrapbooking
  36. International Game Day
  37. Cake Walk
  38. “Journey to Richfield” event
  39. Kid drop- safe place for kids to go at last minute
  40. Adult Playground
  41. Student Loan Relief
  42. Herb Walks
  43. Dancing Club
  44. Share resources, $, Products, etc.
  45. A Brewery!
  46. Hip, fun, community spaces
  47. Treasure Hunts
  48. Borrow/Trade Artistic Skills Program
  49. Lunchtime Yoga in the Park
  50. Little Kids Know Old People
  51. Celebrating Babies
  52. Outdoor dance parties at noon
  53. Free dance classes
  54. Tending water pollution-goldfish takeover prevented!
  55. Recipe Swap day
  56. Better housing for low-income communities
  57. Spreading random acts of kindness
  58. book borrowing program between neighbors
  59. locally owned book store
  60. A good art supply store
  61. Double Dutch contests
  62. Gorgeous Murals
  63. Lunchtime concerts
  64. Fly Kites
  65. Free Tickets to shows
  66. Clean Around Richfield Lake
  67. Bicycle Paths on every street
  68. City composting
  69. Urban Farming
  70. Gardens on every corner
  71. Chickens
  72. Community Carpool
  73. Knitting Circle
  74. Book Club
  75. Choreographers come here to dance
  76. Wacky, weird, queer, delight
  77. Tasting Room (beer)
  78. Strong Community Safety Program
  79. Full Moon Vollyball
  80. Peace Park
  81. People understand silent stories
  82. More public art shows/street fares
  83. Head Massages, free and frequent
  84. Wiffle Ball
  85. Pure clean air for everyone to breathe
  86. Collect and scan other’s old photos
  87. Legalize Goats
  88. Everyone knows each other
  89. Share Music you love
  90. Everyone gets a song
  91. More Cultural diversity in City Staff, Commissions, and Boards
    A community that eats together, dreams together...

    A community that eats together, dreams together…

  92. Engage Richfield History
  93. Dumplings: Make them, eat them
  94. Flowers to entire graveyard
  95. Lunch break Walk together
  96. Paid Park Visits
  97. Clothes swap day
  98. Movies outside
  99. Cloud watching
  100. Community Naps