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Dreaming of a (bigger) urban home

I love where I live. My house is ½ a block from our neighborhood elementary school, walking distance to the hardware store, drycleaner, restaurants, coffee shops and a handful of other retailers. We are 2 blocks from Minehaha Creek and a quick one mile bike ride to Lake Harriet. We love our neighbors and have regular neighborhood get-togethers. There are 26 kids on our block alone and they all play nicely together. So why is it that I am constantly on the look-out for a new house?

Partly it is because I am trained in architecture and married to an Architect, so between the two of us we are constantly designing additions and coveting the rare city lot on which to build our dream home. Part of it is that I would like to be able to have a dinner party without having to flip-flop my dining room and living room. And part of it is that we love living in the city, but envy the space and style of a more modern, often suburban, home.

So how can we have it all? Check out why Kevin Flynn at EcoDeep has been getting some great press on EcoHaus, the remodel and addition to his similarly vintaged St. Paul home. I love the modern look, open floor plan, and energy efficiency Kevin was able to achieve on this city lot – although I’d have to do some counseling with my neighbors on the aesthetic. Through good design, mechanical systems, insulation, and energy reducing measures the house was able to reduce its energy cost by 40% even after doubling in size!

ecohaus kitchen

And yet, my New Year’s resolution still remains to love the house I am in, remember that it provides a cozy shelter for our family of 4, was likely designed for a family of 5, and save our pennies until we can do a great overhaul like EcoHaus…

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