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Question: Why are we so relaxed?

Given (enter a negative aspect of global society), there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty among entrepreneurs, business and community leaders, and policy makers. It seems that this uncertainty, not unlike that preceding The Industrial Revolution, has trickled into our society as we begin to what our innovation director, Ben ironically calls “The Innovation Revolution” and is causing quite a stir.

Gateway Park, the heart of skid row; Minneapolis, Minnesota, 6 July 1937. Photographer: Minneapolis Star Journal.

As we continue to look for great new projects and opportunities to start work with exciting clients, we feel fairly relaxed. We certainly aren’t putting our feet up and twiddling our thumbs, but we are beginning to get a good idea of how to transform our communities, and that is relaxing.

A recent piece by Francesca Levy suggests that one reason you may not feel like us is “because you’re living in the wrong city.” That is right, The Twin Cities ranks no. 1 in Forbes’ list of America’s Most Relaxed Cities. We’re well aware of how healthy our Twin Cities are and at one point we were even “the Most Fun City in America.” But what makes an entire city relaxed, especially during all of this turmoil? Levey says, “places with high unemployment, heavy traffic and long working hours can be physically painful to live in: Stressful environments can take their toll on your health, causing everything from headaches and back pain to high blood pressure and heart disease.”

So, if you are a local, namaste. To our friends out of town, come check us out, we’ve got a ton to do, and nothing to worry about–except the inevitable cold.

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