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For all of you who don’t happen to catch late night TV regularly (like us.) We were pleased to hear that our dearest David Letterman was ‘cool’ enough to bring Bill McKibben onto the show earlier this week to talk about global climate change and his 350.org project. 350.org has got quite the campaign to get the White House to put solar panels back on the roof (like) after Ronald Reagen had them taken off in the 80s (dislike). Late Show writers kept Dave right on point asking some good questions on the seemingly, age old topic. Dave asked everything he could about nuclear power and political inaction, and Bill, as always, was ready with some answers that left us on a positive note and hopeful.

Bill talked to Dave and The Late Show viewers about his new book, Eaarth, and what the road to a low carbon economy looks like. When Bill talked about President Obama using the occasion of 10/10/10 (like), 350’s upcoming day of action, to put the solar panels back on the White House roof.

McKibben is out on the “Put Solar On It” road trip, bringing Jimmy Carter’s solar panels to Washington and tweeting, blogging, vlogging. You can follow Bill at www.putsolaron.it.

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