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Simple Good and Tasty on Cornerstone Rooftop Farms

“Rooftop gardens are fairly common, Ben Hertz clarified, just as I was about to ask. He does development and communication for The Cornerstone Group. But those are for individual use. Cornerstone’s project is a farm. Even though small in scale, the projected produce is intended for many people, not just a few. They’ve embarked on an experiment to maximize available space in cities while growing small, environmentally sound crops in the city. This coming season, produce from Cornerstone Rooftop Farms will be served at Lucia’s Wine Bar and Lucia’s to Go, both owned by chef Lucia Watson, an early champion of farm-to-table dining.”

If you have been following the progress of Minnesota’s first rooftop farm, you know all about “Kensington”, Cornerstone Rooftop Farms’ small scale laboratory-farm. Our friends at Simple Good and Tasty wrote a great piece that covers a lot of ‘ground’. Be sure to check out their Huffington Post article.

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